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It's predictable that your stay goes smoothly, However, it's always good to know where to turn to in case of an emergency. 

PT Emergency Service


Bairro da Graça clinical center

+351 218 806 000

Graça Fire Station

+351 218 171 441 

Police Station

+ 351 213 513 642




While collecting the keys from the safe locker, you had probably noticed that there were few more keys, besides the apartment one, they will all be useful to you, so here you have a description so you understand your keychain better:


Door of the garden

Building door

Apartment door

Internal safe

In case you lose your key, please inform us as soon as possible, we will help you and provide the safe key. This key will always be with us throughout the stay and will only be used if requested.

If you wish to use the external safe to keep the apartment key during the periods you won’t be present, please let us know.


The equipment left inside the apartment is the sole responsibility of our guests. Inside the apartment you will find a safe locker for your private use. The small black key in your key chain can be used to open and lock the box. Any important documents or valuable items should be stored in the locker. 

Please keep in mind that the building is used by several other people who are staying at the other property, It's not recommendable to leave your belongings on the common areas without being supervised, or leave your apartment door open. 


Be aware that inside the apartment you can find some emergency equipments that need to be used with caution.

At the kitchen area you can find a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Both of them work with batteries that should never be removed. In case of danger the devices will start beeping uninterruptedly.

On the other hand if you notice any of them beeping from time to time, it means that the batteries need to be switched, we do our best not to have this situations happening during the stays, but in case it happens, please let us know so we can switch them quickly.  

Keep in mind that we do not have gas running in the building, the carbon monoxide detector is only an extra safety measure that we decided to have in the houses. 

There's also a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket that should only be used in case of a fire.

Finally there's an first aid kit with disinfection tools and bandaids for some quick assistance.


As every house, this one also has a switchboard that controls all the electricity . In case of overpower the board will immediately shut down. If this happens it means that you have too many devices connected and one of them needs to be unplugged. After doing it, you can press the circuit breaker on the switchboard to turn on the power again.  

Inside all the apartments you can find the switchboard next to the apartment door. On each floor there's a main board that regulates the floor. 

If for some reason the power doesn't restart on your apartment after a peak of power and after following the steps above, You should check if the board on your floor has the circuit breaker turned up. If it's not, please turn down all the buttons on the floor switchboard, then turn down all the buttons on the apartment switchboard as well. And turn all of them back on, starting on the floor switchboard. 

On the first floor the main board is located right next to apartment 1B 

On the second floor the main board is located right next to apartment 2B

On the third floor the main board is located right next to apartment 4


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